The Perfect Gifts to Say 4Q

best gifts for first responders

Welcome to 4Q Coffee, where our merch is just as badass as our cawfee! We've designed our products with specific audiences in mind, making them the ideal gifts for those who appreciate a mix of quality, support, and a little comedy. Whether you’re lookin for something special for a hardworking night-shifter or a jab at a coworker, our 4Q merch hits home on every level.

For the Night Owls: First Responders

First up, our signature 4Q Coffee blends are the perfect nod to those who keep our communities safe and sound during the late hours. First responders, whether they're firefighters, paramedics, or police officers, will find comfort in a cup of our bold, high-quality cawfee. It’s not only a great pick-me-up during long shifts but also supports a firefighter-owned brand, adding that extra layer of community and recognition to every sip.

For the Firefighters: Supporting Their Own

Speaking of firefighters, supporting a firefighter-owned brand like ours goes beyond just enjoying a cup of cawfee. It’s about being part of a larger family, one that understands the heat, the pressure, and the courage it takes to run towards danger. Gift our premium cawfee to help ‘em fuel up on our bold 4Qin’ cawfee with our 13 gram pods. That’s 30% more cawfee in every pod than a standard k-cup - fuhgeddaboutit!

For Law Enforcement Officers: A Show of Respect

Our line of apparel includes the assertive yet respectful, “4Q Backs the Blue” T-shirts. These tees are your ticket to dressing with an unapologetic New Yawk attitude, while backin the brave men and women in blue. They make fantastic gifts for law enforcement officers who take pride in their work and have a sense of humor. It’s a fun way to show support and give a nod to the tough job they do every day.

For the Mischievous Coworkers: The Middle Finger Surprise Mug - 4Q

Need a gift for a coworker you have a love-hate relationship with? Our Middle Finger Surprise Mug is your best bet. At first glance, it's just another coffee mug, but once our cawfee is finished, the message at the bottom sends a passive-aggressive '4Q' their way. It’s perfect for a birthday laugh and definitely a memorable office party gift.

For the Early Morning Sports Parents: 4Q Baseball Hat

Dreading those early morning tee-ball games? We’ve gotcha covered, literally! Our 4Q Baseball Hat is perfect for those days when you’re not quite feeling it, but still need to be parent-of-the-year on the sidelines. It's a low-key way to say, “I’d rather be in bed, but here I am!” without letting the little ones in on your secret.

For the Outdoor Enthusiasts: 4Q Trucker Hat

As spring blooms and summer waves hello, our 4Q Trucker Hat is the ideal accessory for your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re hiking, beachin, or just hangin with friends, it’s a cool way to say ‘4Q’ to the routine and embrace the freedom of warm days.

Exciting News Ahead!

And for our military supporters, keep your eyes peeled, we have an exciting new product launch on the horizon that honors our troops! Make sure to sign up for our SMS list to be the first to know when it drops - plus you'll get 20% off your first order. Trust us, you won’t want to 4Qin’ miss this.