Have Your Cake and Drink 4Q! on National Coffee Cake Day

National coffee cake day easy coffee cake recipes and the best coffee pairing in NY

Celebrate National Coffee Cake Day with 4Q! Coffee: Top 5 Easy Recipes

Sunday, April 7 marks a special day for cawfee enthusiasts and pastry lovers alike; National Coffee Cake Day. This day is dedicated to the delightful sweet treat that pairs perfectly with ya mawnin or afternoon cawfee. Speaking of cawfee, there's no better way to enjoy these treats than with a cup of 4Q! Coffee. Known for its bold flavors, dark and light roasts (even sweet French Vanilla - how ya doin!), 4Q! Coffee brings a slice of New York attitude, and smacks those Sunday scaries right in the 4Qin’ mouth! Here are the top 5 easiest coffee cake recipes that you can look up and whip up at home, ensuring your National Coffee Cake Day is as delicious as it is chill.

1. Classic Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

This classic cinnamon streusel coffee cake, loved in coffee cake circles, combines a buttery base with a sweet cinnamon-sugar topping. Easy to whip up, and pairs flawlessly with 4Q! Coffee's dark roast's boldness. It doesn’t get any easier than this - fuhgeddaboutit!

2. Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sour cream adds moisture and a lil’ tang to this coffee cake, balancing the sweetness perfectly. With a lil’ crumb and a lil’ cinnamon sugar running through the middle, this cake and a cup of our French Vanilla 4Q! Sweetly cawfee is a match made in 4Qin’ heaven. How ya doin ;).

3. Blueberry Coffee Cake

For all you fruit lovers, blueberry coffee cake is a 4Qin’ dream. It’s packed with blueberries and topped with a buttery crumble. The berry flavors complement our 4Q! light roast perfectly, enhancing its acidity and fruitiness. 

4. Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Who says ya can't have chocolate in the mawnin - what’re ya even tawkin’ about? This coffee cake is a classic that is loaded with chocolate chips, and pairs perfectly with any of 4Q! Coffee’s signature roasts.

5. Apple Crisp Coffee Cake

This recipe combines the comfort of a classic coffee cake with the beloved flavors of an apple crisp. It’s filled with apple pieces and topped with a crisp, oat-streusel topping. Easy to make, way too easy to 4Qin’ eat. Try either of 4Q!’s dark or light roast cawfee options, where our cawfee’s bold flavor compliments the sweetness of the apples.

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Coffee cake is more than just a mawnin treat, it's an experience, especially when paired with the right coffee. 4Q! Coffee, with its bold flavors and New York attitude, makes for the perfect partner to any coffee cake. This National Coffee Cake Day, check out any of these easy recipes, and let the perfect duo of coffee cake and 4Q! Coffee start and finish your 4Qin’ day.