Like it sounds, “4Q” means “FU” (especially when you say it in the right New Yawk accent!) Saying “FU” here in New York can be a term of endearment or it can be the ultimate expression of the New Yawk attitude. We use it as both. The New York attitude is a resilient, defiant, assertive attitude, and has real grit. But also camaraderie, respect, and allegiance. That’s who we are, and if you don’t like it - well, 4Q!


Our founder and owner, Scott, has been a firefighter in Nassau County, New York since 1999. (That’s Long Island, for those of you unfortunate enough to live elsewhere.) As a firefighter, Scott knows that cawfee is ingrained in the culture of both first responders and military alike. It’s the fuel that keeps ‘em goin’, the warmth shared in firehouses, the camaraderie that binds 'em, and the caffeine that keeps ‘em alert on long shifts. That same sense of community, resilience and grit is the same spirit that we need to unite our country. It’s Scott’s mission with 4Q to recognize those who know what it’s like to wake up & put their life on the line for others. We hope that those of you who are a part of the first responder & military communities find a home here at 4Q, where you feel seen, heard and appreciated. We know that you’ll enjoy the flavors and roasts we’ve put together with you in mind.


4Q! Coffee is proudly born and brewed in New York. Our family has been brewin’ cawfee in NYC for over three generations, rooted in tradition, resilience, and a strong sense of community. From raising our families and pursuin’ the American Dream, to serving our community on the frontlines, New York isn’t just where we work – we’re proud to say it’s our home. 

With its iconic skyline, busy streets, and diverse neighborhoods, New York is more than just a city, it’s an attitude. This attitude has a swagger, strong work ethic, and a resilience that comes from navigating the daily grind. But, among New York's excitement, there’s one thing that always brings people together, cawfee. Not for nothin’, it’s more than just a beverage, it’s a tradition. A pause in the chaos, and a chance to tawk and connect. Or a way to gear up for a packed day.


Whether it’s our cawfee or merch, we only deliver the best. We only use top quality materials and ingredients for all of our products - from the apparel we’re printing on, to the coffee beans we’re roasting. We don’t 4Q around, and you won’t be disappointed in what you get - guaran4Qin’teed. 

You’ll see we had waaaaaay too much fun designing our merch - so you, too, can piss people off like a true New Yawker. We’ve infused our iconic vibe into everything from hats to mugs to sweatshirts. Enjoy!

Just like New York, 4Q! Coffee is bold, resilient, and unapologetically strong. Our cawfee is sourced from the Coffee Belt, known for producin’ the highest quality beans. We combine this quality with our passion, to create the perfect blends and roasts. Fuel up, because our cawfee packs a punch, and with each 4Qin’ sip, you’ll taste the strength of our city.


When you buy from us, you’re buying from a family owned & operated bizness. Every purchase makes a difference to us and the communities we support. When you hit “purchase” you can imagine the chime of a new order dinging on Scott’s phone and our team kickin’ ass to pack your order. Similarly, we imagine you tearing open the box upon delivery, tossin’ that first coffee pod in the Keurig and enjoying the sweet smell of a freshly brewed cup of 4Q! cawfee. We ship all over the continental US, delivering great cawfee and New York attitude country-wide.

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Our commitment runs deep here at 4Q!. We want our everyday heroes to know they’re seen and heard within our community, and that they always have a voice with us. A place where a cup of cawfee isn’t just a beverage, it’s a symbol of gratitude and support.

And when you share your hero’s story through our Nominate a Hero program, you’re not just inspirin’ others, you’re ensuring that those who serve are never forgotten.  

So, raise your cup, whether it’s filled with our mad good cawfee, or a heartfelt thank you. Let’s celebrate the strength of New York, the spirit of the USA, and the unwavering dedication to our heroes, one 4Qin’ sip at a time!

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Whether you 4Q! in the morning or 4Q! at night, we invite you to embark on a coffee experience that's as authentic and diverse as New York City. With every sip, you're not just tasting coffee; you're savoring the spirit of this city. Join us in celebrating our New York roots and embracing the bold, assertive, and resilient attitude that defines 4Q Coffee. Here's to the city that inspires us daily, where every cup is a tribute to the New York state of mind.


Our journey is intertwined with the vibrant tapestry of New York's culture and character, and it's this unique essence that sets us apart.