Knocking it out of the park with our NEW Partnership NYY Underground

NY Coffee partnership with New York Yankees Underground and 4Q! Coffee

In a match made in New York heaven, 4Q! Coffee has teamed up with the New York Yankees Underground (NYYU) as their official cawfee partner! The recent interview between Pete from NYYU and Scott, the founder of 4Q! Coffee was nothing short of 4Qin’ epic. If there's one thing New Yorkers are passionate about, it's their coffee and thaaaaa New York 4Qin’ Yankees. So, when Pete and Scott sat down to chat, you could feel the excitement and passion. The conversation wasn't just about coffee and baseball; it was about community, boldness, and a shared love for all things New York.

First things first, let's tawk about the cawfee. 4Q! Coffee has built a reputation for being the coffee with a bad attitude – bold, unapologetic, and 4Qin’ delicious. It's the kind of coffee that fuels your day and leaves you feeling ready to take on the world. And who better to appreciate that attitude than the die-hard fans of thaaaaa New York Yankees?

The partnership between 4Q! Coffee and NYYU isn’t merely about enjoying our premium cawfee, or rooting for a beloved baseball team, it’s a celebration of shared values and a commitment to the community. Both Scott and Pete are passionate about cultivating spaces where New Yorkers can rally together. As Scott put it, "birds of a feather flock together," and it's clear that both brands are birds of the boldest, most passionate 4Qin’ feather.

What really shines through in this partnership is the shared commitment to supporting local businesses. Both 4Q! Coffee and the New York Yankees Underground are proudly New York-born and bred (or in our case, 4Qin’ brewed). They both understand the importance of supporting the community that has supported them.

So, here’s to the mawnins that start with a cup of 4Q! Coffee and the nights spent cheering on thaaaaa New York 4Qin’ Yankees. Together, they capture the essence of New York—energetic, passionate, and forever 4Qin’ resilient.

Watch the the 4Q! Coffee Co. x NYYU episode on our YouTube channel, below.